Book Buddies

Study program
It has been 4 years since a group of pre-schoolers from less-privileged families in Lengkok Bahru were put under the START WELL programme led by Lien Foundation and the Seed Institute. As they are currently in Primary School, a group of young Captains from Superhero Me launched a creative reading, writing, math and science holiday camp to help them inculcate a deeper love for learning. Creative tools were employed to make reading and studying fun, and a safe nurturing environment was ensured such that difficult topics about home and school stressors could be broached. Together, the children a ‘Word Wealth’ illustrated word bank and a math rap video to help them memorise their times table. The holiday programme will continue each term break.

‘Book Buddies’ is conducted by youth Captains from Superhero Me, an organisation that promotes arts-based inclusion amongst children from diverse backgrounds and learning abilities.