Therapeutic Animation 

The steps we take is a diaristic frame by frame animation comprising more than 2000 individual drawings made daily in a reflective practice during the art therapy programme. Inspired and expanding on concepts of longitudinal response art methods for self-care such as Abbe Miller’s El Duende One Canvas Process Painting, making this animation was a therapeutic practice to expand my capacity for long-term caregiving. With this novel self-sufficient care approach, I proffer a creative method for those in professions of care to sustain themselves amidst the prevalence of burnout and compassion fatigue.

Amidst the prevalent backdrop of burnout and compassion fatigue, how can those in professions of care sustain themselves with a creative self-care practice? Bye Bye Babu is a story touching on the loss of a childhood friend. Animation is a self-sufficient care technique that art therapists can pick up on their own to process challenging emotions, especially across sustained periods of time to sustain and expand capacity for long-term caregiving. My artistic exploration of creating frame by frame animation across longitudinal periods have revealed its therapeutic potential to support myself in my long-standing journey of working with clients, and in a personal capacity as a familial caregiver.

Watch the videos here:
The steps we take
Bye Bye Babu