Why Should I Care?

‘Why Should I Care?’ is a platform by youth, for youth who experience physical and mental illness, be it as a patient, caregiver or professional. The initiative aims to facilitate open dialogue about young people’s journeys with illness through the mutual sharing of creative ‘life hacks’ for coping.

‘Why Should I Care?’ Live Edition is an interactive sharing workshop series facilitated by a team of young caregivers and youth who experience illness. The workshops offers space for youth to share creative strategies that have helped them build resilience to face illness. Through games, movement, writing, meditation, art and the like, the sessions empower youth to battle stigma, advocate for wellness and offer mutual support.

Workshops are available for groups, organisations, institutions and members of the public upon request — write in to hello@creativesinspirit.com.

The ‘Why Should I Care?’ video series features youth patients and caregivers in open dialogue about their experiences with illness and is available for viewing here: tinyurl.com/wsic2019